A few days ago we went to Lewes, in Sussex England. Lewes is an important town concerning heritage and history in Sussex. Prehistoric and roman artefacts have been found in the area, which you can see at the Lewes Museum near the castle.

Yes, the castle: one of Lewes' most fascinating sites. It is in itself quite remarkable that the castle is still standing after many fights, wars, invasions and even an avalanche(!). The castle was built around 1069 and has been used for different purposes since then. 

Today the castle is open for the public, providing lots of information on its past. In the Barbican House Museum is also a model of the town with a 10 minute video. This video explains exactly the history since the castle was built and all the different stages and eras it has gone through. At the Barbican House you will be able to see and read more about the history of Lewes and Sussex. There are plenty of resources for children as well; they can dress up and play as knights.

I always find it fascinating to think that people almost a 1000 years ago walked here as well. What were they thinking? How did they feel about all the fights? What were they doing on a daily basis? I guess we will never really know. And that is exactly what makes castles so highly mythical to me.

Enjoy the photos!

WHO: Lewes Castle
WHAT: heritage and history of Sussex
WHERE: Lewes, East Sussex, England

 Medieval bookstore
 Old flower store
 Barbican gate
 View from the castle
 Castle walls
Castle Gardens

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