The first post from Australia! Last week I visited the East Coast of Australia, where I visited the Queensland Museum, Queensland Art Gallery (QAG) and the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA)in Brisbane. It was very refreshing to see the variety of art Australia has to offer. 

A lot of modern art with a twist can be seen in the galleries. The GOMA had an exhibition about consumerism and food; how we deal with food and how our behaviour has changed over the years. A great way to shed some light on a topic that is important to think about. I can appreciate it when galleries really think about their exhibitions and are not afraid to provoke some thoughts.

In most museums and galleries you will be able to see (modern) Aboriginal art. I can remember that during my Masters we had a discussion about Aboriginal art, how it has changed and how it fits in the modern commercial market. It still keeps me wondering every time whether it is or is not beneficial to create art that is somehow related to your tribe, but is mostly just made to either entertain people or for people to buy it. How does it change the perspective? Either way, I can very much enjoy aboriginal art; I love the natural materials they use and the abundance of colours.

Brisbane had some great art to offer, mostly located on the South Bank. This is a man-made cultural and art precinct in the south of Brisbane. It somehow feels a bit artificial to me. But let me explain that. In Europe, we are used to cities and towns groing organically, usually over hundreds (or thousands) of years. Museums, galleries and theatres are randomly scattered over towns, which to me, gives it its charm. Artificially creating an area that has all the art venues in one place might sound convenient, but it misses its surroundings. It misses its charm, its natural habitat and therefore doesn't feel as 'gezellig'(Dutch for 'cozy', similar to the Danish 'hyggelig').

Overall, the East Coast was a nice visit. But see for yourself in the photos below!

WHO: Me, exploring Brisbane's art venues
WHAT: Several exhibitions, modern & aboriginal art
WHERE: Museum of Queensland, Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA), Queensland Art Gallery (QAG)

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