Hi all!

Last week and this week I have been working together with some other people on the preparation of a community art festival that will take place on October 18th. It's called the 'Under one moon Festival' carried out by Yarra City Arts in Melbourne and the idea is to bring people in the community together through arts and culture. Exactly the type of thing I like. So I decided to become a volunteer for this festival, which also gave me the opportunity to meet other people interested in arts.

Last week we started to make lanterns for the children who will participate in the lantern parade during the festival. I almost forgot how much fun it is to participate in crafts! After a lot of wiring, candle cutting, wrapping and bamboo placing, we are well on our way to create some lovely lanterns. 

I am also asked to take photos during the festival, so hopefully a follow-up can be viewed here next week with some photos of the festival itself.

But for now, enjoy the photos!

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