Combining different kinds of arts can be a real challenge. But besides being difficult and taking some extra time for thoughts, it can also bring new ideas, different kinds of creativity and lots of inspiration.

Yesterday was the first performance of a series of 'Silhouettes, inside and out' at Fortyfivedownstairs. It is a interactive live art and performance experience where the audience is invited to join in. Last Monday I helped building up the whole setting for the performance (this includes working on a 4 meter ladder, yikes! but also learning a lot about theatre techniques). It is very interesting to see the whole 'before' for a performance, especially as I had never experienced the 'lights, camera' before the 'action' happened. 

Not having a very clear image of what the show would be like, I wanted to have an open mind to what was coming. First 3 visual artists started painting the silhouettes of the performing artists behind the canvas. After the break, the audience was allowed to paint on the canvas with different materials, according to the music they heard. It was great to see how interactive combining these two art forms was, and even more to see how people help each other and continue on each other's paintings.

It just makes me realize: anything is possible in arts. You don't need boxes to think. You just need an open mind to anything unusual and the rest will follow.

WHO: Silhouettes, inside and out
WHAT: Interactive live art & performing experience
WHERE: Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne

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