A while ago I visited a friend in Dublin. I wasn't sure what to expect from Dublin, but as I have lived in Glasgow up in the North, I presumed a city in the North, in Ireland would be similar. Although a lot of people have preconceptions about Ireland (and Scotland for that matter) these cities are not as dark and rough as you'd expect.

I was surprised my the beauty of the architecture, the green areas in the middle of town and the abundance of lovely people. My friend and I decided to go explore some of the art and museums the city has to offer and went into the Natural History Museum. I can hear some of you thinking: "I have seen a natural history museum before." That might be true, but the way this museum is curated, how it informs its visitors and simply the inside architecture is really refreshing.

Although you will be able to see a range of animals from rhinos to gorillas, you will also be able to learn more about the fauna of Dublin and Ireland in this museum. It gives you a better idea of the natural side of the country, and frankly, it made me want to explore the fauna also outside of the museum walls. So there you go, museums can definitely fuel your little let-go-out-and-explore-nature-fire, without you even realizing it!

WHO: Dublin, Ireland
WHAT: Natural History Museum
WHERE: Merrion St Upper, Dublin 2, Ireland

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