It can easily be said: Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities of all times. It has so much to offer: many museums, galleries, parks, festivals, gigs. But something you will see everywhere you go in Edinburgh is its architecture. The buildings in this city are quite distinct and most of all, they are very old. The heritage and history of Edinburgh is simply magnificent and it is absolutely worth it to go on a free (!) Sandeman tour so you can learn a little bit more about the buildings around you. Some of the stories will blow your mind!

The Edinburgh castle is one of the most outstanding buildings in Edinburgh, situated on top of a hill (how scenic!). But something you might forget to take a look at are the University buildings or the slightly more tucked away National Portrait gallery.

The architecture and the colour and structure of the buildings really create the right atmosphere in Edinburgh. It makes you feel you are in a city that never changed since it was built, you can easily feel the rich heritage this city is built upon.

If the museums, galleries, parks, festivals, whisky and tours had not persuaded you yet to go to Edinburgh, then the architecture definitely will.

Enjoy the photos!

WHO: Edinburgh
WHAT: Architecture
WHERE: Anywhere in Edinburgh 

 National Portrait Gallery
 Downtown Edinburgh
 Edinburgh University
 View from Edinburgh Castle
 Greyfriars Bobby
National Museum of Scotland

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