As you might have read, ArtPlay is the art centre for children where I have been volunteering at art workshops.
Last Sunday I was involved in an art workshop about making fish using branches and wool. This workshop was for 2-3 year olds, which is a challenging age. Therefore, parents are usually involved to help their children during these workshops. It's not only interesting for children to learn about arts and crafts, but it also strengthens the band between parent and child.

After the workshops ended, the three of us gave some feedback on the workshop. Feedback and reflection are very important, as there are always ways to improve. Questions that we asked one another were:

- Was the workshops too long? The children at this age have a short attention-span and perhaps it would be better to shorten the workshop, as they started running around after 45 minutes.

- Would it be better to give the instructions beforehand, sitting them down on pillows on the floor? Children at this age easily get distracted and whilst explaining them the goals of the workshop, they were already twiddling at the leaves and wool. 

- Should the process of the fish-making be more detailed? Some parents got the idea of making fishing rods when they were done making the fish with their child. It added an extra effort and in the end the kids were hanging their fishing rods over the railing as if they were fishing, they loved it!

Although giving feedback can sometimes be hard - artists can easily get the feeling they are being criticized - it is very useful in the process of making the workshops better than they already are.

WHO: Children aged 2-3 and their parents
WHAT: Making fish
WHERE: ArtPlay, Melbourne

PS: Excuse me once more for the quality of the photos taken through my phone.

 Preparing the workshop
The impressive preparations of another workshop

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