Yesterday I worked for Bec's Treehouse Art School at the Christmas celebration in Greensborough, which is located in the north of Melbourne. I must say, I might never get used to Christmas celebrations in 32 degrees, but luckily the kids here don't know any better! 

With the three of us we set up the stand and within no time the kids were running around in our stand. We provided them with different templates for Christmas tree decorations, christmas cards and little Christmas trees (the latter I remember making when I was in primary school a long time ago).

It's great that Bec's Treehouse works all over Melbourne, because I really get to see different sides of Melbourne. Children from all different neighbourhoods and areas are able to enjoy some arts and crafts and most of the art workshops are also for free.

Next to our stand, there were many other stands and also a stage where Christmas carols were sung. It's wonderful to see how extremely excited these children get with Christmas around the corner. They are more than happy to tell you that they wrote a letter to Santa with all the presents they would like to have. Usually not without mentioning they have been very good this year, so surely Santa will give them these presents.

I have one more workshops with Bec's coming up later in December and today is actually my last workshop at ArtPlay. I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned with both these organisations about art workshops and education. It's very exciting to be involved in something you really like, and being in arts education, that is exactly the case.

WHO: Children and parents of Banyule
WHAT: Christmas art workshop By Bec's Treehouse Art School
WHERE: Greensborough, Victoria

NB. Parents have signed photography consent forms for these photos to be published.

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