Someone who is able to combine my big passions of art and Scandinavia is a person who knows good stuff. And she does. I met Siobhan through ArtPlay here in Melbourne. She is an artist and creates wonderful art, mostly oil paintings and drawings. She is inspired by Scandinavia, a passion we definitely have in common. It is easy to see that she is inspired by the Northern lands, which comes from the fact that she has lived in Norway for three years.

What strikes me most about her art is how delicately she uses her pencils and brushes. The details and precision used in her works makes her work very refined, yet with a strong message. A lot of her works portray the special band that children and animals can share. I also love the fact that she keeps her art works so clean and minimal, just like the Scandinavians are. It shows that a good message through art doesn't necessarily comes forth from very busy, complicated pieces. I very much prefer the minimal, yet powerful art pieces. To me it very much resembles the way people in Scandinavia are. They are humble, have a strong culture and language with lots of mystery to it, but would never force any of that upon you. So often, less is more.

I hope you will get as mesmerized by her mythical work as I did. And although she is way too humble herself to take much credit for the highly qualitative art pieces she creates, I am happy to say I think she is a great, great talent. 

WHO: Siobhan McMahon
WHAT: Scandinavian inspired visual art
WHERE: Based in Melbourne, Australia

WEBSITE: http://siobhanmcmahon.schmolio.com/albums

The following pictures are owned by Siobhan McMahon and come from her website.

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