Becky is a lovely lady I met during the lantern making workshops I volunteered for. I was very happy to hear that she runs her own art workshops for children and that I was able to help her with this. Last Wednesday we had a meeting with the other girls about the upcoming workshops and what we would be doing.

Yesterday I had the pleasure to work together with a few of the others at the 20th anniversary of the Whitehorse community in Box Hill. Me and Jan were helping the kids making horse puppets and the other girls were in charge of the face painting. The festival was a great success and the kids loved making the puppets and putting them on sticks so they could walk around with them.

This workshop was specifically made for this festival, as the horse puppets were representing the Whitehorse community (see the big White Horse in one of the photos). The upcoming workshops will be in light of Christmas approaching. Becky has been leading this workshops for quite a few years now and is well-known in Melbourne for her funky, fun and exciting workshops for children. Her website is definitely worth looking at.

I am very grateful that Becky is giving me a chance to gain more experience in art education, as it is still my goal to work in this field. I really get an idea of how children learn and what they enjoy doing in terms of art. Being able to work for both Bec's Treehouse and ArtPlay here in Melbourne is a fantastic opportunity and I hope I will be able to use these experiences in my further career when I go back to Europe!

WHO: Bec's Treehouse Art School
WHAT: Horse puppets workshop at Whitehorse Festival
WHERE: Box Hill, Victoria

(again, excuse me for the quality of the photos, these were taken by my phone)

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