Last September I applied for a volunteering position at ArtPlay here in Melbourne. Little did I know that these volunteering spots are very wanted and I got lucky I eventually got in. The reason I wanted to get involved with ArtPlay is because it is a very special venue in Melbourne where art workshops are given for children and families, inviting a large range of different artists. As I am still pursuing a career in art education, this would be the perfect place for me to get an insight of how it works.

After a long application procedure, many different checks and an interview, my first shift was finally coming up! Last Sunday the Hip Hop choir MASSIVE had one of their 3 workshops. MASSIVE is giving these workshops in light of the Melbourne Music Week. The workshop last Sunday was a little bit extra special: it was with babies. The choir would sing, play the drums and entertain the babies and parents with their quirky lyrics. Some involved certain lullabies, other songs asked for the parents to clap or sing along. Later when I asked one of the artists, she explained me that they want to break down the barriers between young and old and especially to vanish away the ideas that many people have about Hip Hop. It was wonderful to see how everyone seemed to love the workshop and how the little kids where dancing (and sometimes gazing with amazement) and experiencing their first moments with art & music.

It is beautiful to see how ArtPlay is getting different kinds of funding and has many partnerships to be able to exist. They are also constantly doing research, to see how they can improve, but most importantly, to show everyone how meaningful their work is and how providing children and families with the opportunity to explore art in an abundance of ways is more than necessary.

WHO: ArtPlay
WHAT: Art workshops & education
WHERE: Birarrung Marr, Melbourne

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