THE ART OF CURATING: Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

Today I went to the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, a small but surprisingly interesting museum. Upstairs they have a good collection of Karel Appel and the other CoBRa artists and downstairs they have a variety of exhibitions.

They currently show an exhibition about Dutch art after 1945. Next to a variety of sculptures, paintings and collages, they also play videos of around the 1950's. There were also black buttons to be found on the floor, and if you stepped on these buttons with your foot some information lit up on the wall about the artist and the art piece. I like the idea of a bit of interaction with the public and searching for information. This exhibition was very well curated. Not only did it involve a large variety of art pieces, you could also walk in, around and through some of the works.  The lighting was magnificent and created beautiful shadows. Curating is an art in itself and I think it is something that is often either underestimated or goes unnoticed. I was therefore pleasantly surprised that the curating aspect was so visible during this exhibition.

Especially this exhibition downstairs showed a lot of experience and class from the curators. However, the Stedelijk Museum Schiedam has a lot of financial problems. Like many museums in the Netherlands, it is difficult to get enough funding to get the museum going. They also have a large debt for the rent that they owe to the municipality. The museum is working on a recovery plan to be able to pay off its debts. Although the future might be uncertain at the moment, the director is confident that the museum will not be forced to close its doors and will come up with a plan. Although I might be slightly biased as this is the town I was born, I highly believe it would be a shame that a museum like this, with a high quality of curation, would disappear from the old town of Schiedam. 

WHO: Me on fine art photography
WHAT: I love Holland. Dutch post-war art. - exhibition
WHERE: Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

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