I cannot think of anything better than the smell of fresh baked bread. And making bread yourself makes it very easy to have both the good smell and the good taste. Bread made in factories most often has flavour enhancers, ingredients to keep bread fresh for longer or other additives. Some people are more sensitive to these ingredients, and therefore making bread yourself can be the solution. I decided to make my own spelt bread, both because of health reasons and because I love baking! 

This is a very easy recipe and gives you one loaf of bread. Spelt bread is not gluten free, but it is wheat free. It is possible to eat for people with wheat allergies, but not for people with coeliac disease.


- 500 gr spelt flour
- 7 gr dried yeast
- 350 ml luke warm water
- 50 gr sunflower seeds
- large pinch of salt

Mix the yeast with the water until the yeast is dissolved. Mix the flour with the salt and most of the sunflower seeds. Add the mixture of water and yeast to the flour mix and knead until the dough is firm. Then leave the dough in a bowl under a towel for about 40 minutes. Set the oven to about 200 C and bake for about 50 minutes (depending on how strong your oven is).

Afterwards, let the bread cool down and then you can eat it with some of the homemade notella! Enjoy!

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