Today I was helping the artist in residence Jane Fordham at the Fabrica art gallery. She was giving a workshop for home-schooled teenagers that were going to do some drawings with different materials. One other volunteer and me decided to help out. In the end, this meant we were drawing ourselves as well. Wait, what? I wasn't prepared for this! But apparently, you don't have to.

So here I was, charcoal in one hand, eyes on the model and surely not ready to go. But surprisingly drawing goes quite natural. You just go with what you feel like and hope for the best!

In the end, I really felt I learned a lot in those few hours, and I had the feeling these kids did as well. In the beginning they were joking around a bit, laughing and talking, but as time passed by, they got really concentrated and focused on what they were doing. Many pairs of curious eyes went over the different pieces of paper to check out what the others did. 

So there you go, it might be scary to draw that very first line on that crisp fresh white piece of paper, but before you know it, you have drawn your very first model drawing!

PS: Unfortunately I didn't have my Nikon camera with me, so sorry for the quality of my phone camera.

WHO: Home-schooled teenagers with artist Jane Fordham at Fabrica
WHAT: Drawing art workshop

WHERE: Duke street, Brighton, UK

   Some of the drawings of the teenagers
The teenagers and model Laura
     My very first drawing of model Laura

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