World-Famous for its abundance of art, the V&A in London attracts many visitors per year. And one of the most wonderful things about British museums are that there are FREE. I believe making museums free perhaps removes one of the greatest barriers that museums have to deal with; it makes it accessible. Museums around the world often have difficulties with attracting visitors of different sorts and are pushing the brains of their marketing departments to attract new visitors. Removing the barriers of standing in line and actually comtemplating whether you should buy a ticket and if it's worth your money, disappears.

Of course most of these museums are funded by the government and/or private funders, but if they are able to attract the amount of visitors they would like to achieve, it might be worth it.
Because if you have taken that first step of going to that museum and actually liking it, it is more likely you will tell you friends and family, or, even return to the museum yourself. And that is exactly what these museums want. 

So tough question: do you make your visitors pay a price which gives you your revenue but risks the chance of losing visitors by ticketing them, or do you make your museum free to make it more accessible, but risk getting the right revenue in?

WHO: Victoria & Albert Museum
WHAT: Old & modern art & temporary exhibitions
Cromwell Road, London, UK

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