Sometimes I wonder what went wrong. Our society seems to be always busy. Always running around, juggling tasks, feeling the pressure. I think we are so caught up in all of those things we feel we need to do, that we forget to enjoy the moments. The things that really matter. Things that seems so ordinary that we are almost blindsided by the fact that those are the actual things that make us happy. Sometimes we need moments to sit still. To be still. To live exactly in that moment and remember ourselves who we are, what we want and who and what we love.

I absolutely love artists that can do that. Artists that leave you breathless and speechless. Whether it leaves me melancholic or shocked, they do something to me, they make me feel something. Because sometimes, in all that rush we seems to have, we forget to feel.

Last week I was at the premiere of Conny Janssen Danst, which is, even being biased, one of the most wonderful dance companies in the world. Not only because they are a bunch of extremely talented dancers, and the lighting and music seems beyond perfect, but because they leave me mesmerized. They leave me stunned. The performances take you to a higher level, and for those moments you just forget you're sitting in a theatre with hundreds of people. Nothing else seems to matter, but for right there and then.

Another video that I came across that hushes the rush, is a video made by artist Arev Manoukian. This video is in slowmotion, which directly gives it this thought. But also, it focuses on the moment between a man and woman. That one glance, that is over in about a second, but can tell so many stories.

Hope you enjoy the video as much as I do, and don't forget to Hush the Rush.


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